Innovation Brainball (Innoball) entrepreneurial simulation games is not about destructive competition, it is about constructive competition. The objective is not to conquer the opposite team but to stretch each other and build greater success strategies jointly.

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Innoball Win-Win mindset - Innovation Brainball simulation game




For the enemyís team, itís easy to kill the innovation project by saying to the innovators, for instance, ďAll your key players left the team, so you have no leader, no team, no know-how.Ē The game will immediately be over, but neither team will benefit from it because nobody will learn anything. So, enemies donít kill innovation, they create challenging problems that require creative solutions.

While playing INNOBALL simulation game, innovators learn to anticipate challenges ahead and ultimately make intellectual scouting forward a subconscious habit.

Innovators thus discover new threats, weaknesses, and opportunities, and come out with creative solutions.

The both teams build their entrepreneurial creativity and strategic thinking skills during the course of the game which is the main purpose of Innoball. 

Real Project

If you use Innovation Football to increase significantly the success chances of a specific radical innovation, change or diversification project, split your project team into two teams Ė the innovators and the enemies.

The objective of the both teams is to help the project succeed and the project team become stronger, but the innovatorsí and the enemiesí team achieve this common goal in different ways.


In entrepreneurial creativity contests, such as Innompic Games, the teams of innovators and enemies have different objectives Ė each team wants to showcase itís capabilities. They do so by inventing great, yet not killing, challenges for each other that require a creative response. It is constructive, not a destructive competition.



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