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7 Routes To High Profits

How To Create a Greatly Successful Business


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Development of breakthrough solutions requires breakthrough approaches.  >>>



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Customer quotes Vadim Kotelniko, Love for customers is the springhead of the cascade of innovations and the river of revenues.



Help Your Customers Succeed

Value Innovation: Yin-Yang Strategies

Be a HOSTer ‒ Help Others Succeed and Thrive.

Helping others succeed is a the most direct way to your greatest success. Love your customers and strengthen your bond with them to grow your mutual accomplishment. Your customers are concerned about their own success, not yours. They seek out products and producers that are best able to satisfy their requirements. So empathize with your customers. Listen to them, observe them if you want to understand what they need and to help them succeed. Invent new things and engage your customers in the process of developing products that are most beneficial to them.  >>>

Sell by helping customers succeed. Demonstrate how what you offer will help them solve their problems, achieve their own goals, and feel better. Differentiate your value offerings so that your prospective customers understand that the benefits you offer them are unique. When you do that, you also establish yourself as an authority in your industry, someone who is knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Engage emotionally with your clients, make buying from you easy and fun, and your profits will grow.



Disruptive Innopreneur

The bigger market you disrupt the more revenue you generate. Yes, it’s difficult to disrupt and monetize at the same time, but if you shake an industry up, disrupt a really big market, ultimately really big business will follow... >>>


Innovate and Synergize

Innovation Is Love

Innovate continuously to make your customers – and your team – happier and to stay unique.

Introduce radical value innovations to create new market niches and become an acknowledged leader in that niche. 

Introduce evolutionary value innovations to delight your beloved customers.

Synergize radical and incremental innovations >>>

3 Strategies of Market Leaders

Synergize your core competencies and capabilities to strengthen your competitive advantage. Harness the power of diversity, leverage and synergize critical opposites, create cross-functional synergies. Synergize different perspectives to achieve strategic business success.

Build synergistic partnerships to leverage your capabilities and access new markets.  >>>

Online Revenue Models

ICT Trends: Market Shifts

Internet, e-commerce, contextual advertising, social networks, mobile banking and numerous other e-innovations gave rise to new kinds of business models as well as reinvented old tried-and-true revenue models... >>>







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