Customer Needs

❶ How can we identify current needs?  >>>

❷ How can we anticipate future needs?  >>>

❸ How can we create new needs >>>

Customer Satisfaction

❹ How can we meet customer needs >>>

❺ How can we exceed customer expectations >>>

❻ How can we retain customers >>>


Innovation is Love: Passion-driven, Customer-focused

Moving Ahead of Competition

❼ How fast can we meet customer needs?

❽ How can we meet them before anyone else >>>

❾ How can we be constantly first to market >>








A New Game Requires New Thinking

A new game would require a new way of defining opportunities. You and your people have to learn how to think differently, step outside of the box away from your customary ways of looking at your business and markets to expand your view of the possible.

Discover Business Opportunities: 4 Approaches

To find and pursue new opportunities you must develop a clear point of view about growth and make it a part of your company's genetic code. Market leaders that go away from muddling along in a mature industry and toward coming alive with growth prospects identify opportunities, develop selection criteria, select the avenues for profitable growth and pursue opportunities with speed.

3 Strategies of Market Leaders

Seek the Optimum Balance of Opportunities

While radical value Innovations can give you the edge and the advantage of being first to market, improvements and incremental innovations would help you keep your products up to date and of comparable quality.

Systemic Innovation: 7 Areas

The task of a business architect and a process manager is to create systems, within a sensibly structured balanced business, that empowers employees and enables people to achieve higher productivity and greater competitive advantage.






 Surprise to win ‐ excite your employees, amaze your customers, shock your competitors! Vadim Kotelnikov quotes