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Understanding Trends as a Vital Skill

Understanding the trends is a vital skill for both Government leaders and SME managers. It helps to answer such important questions as,

  • ‘What is going to impact ICT and SME development scenario in the nearest future?’ and

  • ‘What actions government and entrepreneurs should take now to get ready and adapt rapidly to the upcoming radical change?’

Market research shows that cloud and mobile applications would lead the way in the years to come. SME users would start explore and use public could (SaaS). Hybrid ICT, HTML5, integrated ecosystems, enterprise application stores, actionable analytics are emerging bestsellers.

Further, worldwide ICT device shipment forecasts show that ultramobile and tablet devices would show much higher sales growth rates than PCs and mobile phones. This means that SMEs must adjust their websites and presentations accordingly.


Market Shifts

SME market is driven today by the following shifts:

  • From heavyweight to lightweight solutions

  • From acquisition of in-house solutions to subscription to web-based ones

  • From individual productivity to collaboration

  • From data silos to data anywhere

  • From a fixed office to a flexible office

  • From desktop-fixed device to bring-your-own-device (BYOD)

  • From ICT-powered customer service/communication to customer engagement