How To Make Online Presentation, best advice by Vadim Kotelnikov 10 tips soft skills 4.0





KoRe 10 Tips

for Content Marketing via Online Presentations: 10 Tips


Define the purpose. What do you want to achieve? Prioritize your objectives and focus on the most important ones.

Define your target audience. What are their needs and desires? Do you want to meet these needs and desires or create new ones?

Be a thought leader. Inspire people with a grand vision. Share unique knowledge and ideas. Open doors to new opportunities.

Summarize complex information or split it up over several slides. Use images and visual examples to illustrate data and characteristics.

Turn your presentation into an impressive visual story. Create a compelling story that would arouse curiosity, engage and entertain spectators.

Enhance your presentations by adding photo, audio and video media, custom forms, visually stimulating emfographics and captivating special effects.

Make the presentation entertaining. Donít be boring, make it fun. Be informal and witty. Use funny examples and humor if you want people to listen closely and remember more of what you told them.

Make it interactive. Bring your content to life: turn your presentation into a conversation that engages your audience, ask questions with polls.

Use collaborative software to encourage conversation and messaging.

Finish with impact. Show the most important things you want your audience to remember. Make it brief, to the point, catchy, and memorable.