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How To Build a Powerful
Personal Brand

KoRe 10 Tips



Vadim Kotelnikov life advice Live so that remote descendants remembered the current king just because you lived during his period of rule great life quotes

You are unique, so be unique.

Don't let the vanity cacophony mute
your life symphony!

In today's overcrowded and overcomunicated marketplace, being just excellent is not enough.
You must also be remarkable
 and rememberable.

You must create your personal brand.







KoRe 10 Tips for Creating a Powerful Personal Brand




Always remember that your popularity and personal brand are powerful tools that help you achieve your inspiring vision.

Be yourself and emphasize your uniqueness. Don't be just somebody, be GREATbody! Never let the vanity cacophony to mute your life symphony!

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Define the main sources of your internal radiance and main building blocks of your personal brand. Build your personal brand around your true passion, life mission, and guiding principles.

Be a HOSTer − Help Others Succeed and Thrive. Be a sun, that brings people light, hope, happiness, and discoveries.  >>>

Vadim Kotelnikov quotes Don't be a star, be a sun. Innompic Games Planet of Loving Creators


Create a unique and memorable image that symbolizes your internal radiance.

Create distinctive and remarkable attributes of your personal brand: your personal logo, slogan, trademark look, voice and phrases.

Vadim Kotelnikov personal brand trademark quote If you stop learning you strop creating history and become history




Differentiate yourself from your competitors; emphasize your unique core competences, value created for others, and achievements.

Position yourself in the mind of your target audience. Understand what other personal brands are already there and create your unique position.

Best Change quotes, Vadim Kotelnikov, If you don't changge the World, why do you exist at all?



Create unusual, attractive and amazing value people would love to talk about and that may create buzz.

Participate in various popular events that will make your face, deeds, and brand attributes well known.  >>>





Coaching by Example: Some Elements of My Personal Brand




I designed => my personal logo Vadim Kotelnikov icon which I use to sign my slides, kosages and photograms.

My personal e-Coaching slogan:
'I don't teach, I inspire!"

KoRe stands for 'Kotelnikov's Recipe'
=>  KoRe Dictionary / 10 KITT / KoRe 10 Tips

Photograms and selfiegrams are my trademark message carriers.

Vadim Kotelnikov quotes make our planet a better placed


Personal Logo, personal brand attributes, Dennis Kotelnikov

Personal Brand of my son
Dennis Kotelnikov

This photogram features my son Dennis Kotelnikov and his personal logo. Dennis is also a frequent model for KoRe photograms and emfographic slides because having a well known face is vital for a professional actor.

Dennis Kotelnikov Vadim quote life passion acting artist