Wit is a form of intelligent humor,
the ability to say or write things that are clever and funny.

A wit is a person skilled at making clever and funny remarks.

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Don’t copy others – be yourself. You were born unique, so be unique.  Authenticity is king because people are attracted by originals, not copies. Be creativie. Think differently. Search for unusual in seemingly usual things.






Learn continuously: use humor-powered educational resources, search for unusual facts and paradoxical rules of life, business, and success.


Practice thinking outside the box as frequently as you can to turn it into a habit and start generating outside-the-box ideas much better and faster.


Learn how to engage your subconscious mind – it works millions of times faster. Practice, practice, practice wittiness; brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm creative responses to various situations in order to engage your subconscious mind and make it run on autopilot.




Read and truly enjoy humorous quotes by wise people such as Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, Faina Ranevskaya, Albert Einstein, and Mikhail Zhvanetsky. Do online reflex tests and play fun games that test and improve reaction times.


Search for opportunities and humor in every very problem. Keep record your authentic ideas for future use.


Laugh at yourself. Poking fun at yourself is a great form of humor. It also demonstrates your self-confidence and makes people being more comfortable around you.


Act differently, explore new routes and experiment with new ideas.




Use humor to defuse tension and conduct the electricity of anxiety safely into the ground. The joke doesn’t have to be a particularly good one under the situational pressure. Just help people relieve their tension while showing them that you remain cool and can smile in a difficult situation.


Be prepared to appear spontaneous and welcome obstacles as a source of humor. For instance, if someone arrives late while you are delivering a speech, you may say, ‘You’re early, I’m still on!’








Witty Person

A witty person:

  • is intelligent and has good intellectual capacity and memory;

  • is ready or quick to see and express illuminating or amusing relationships or insights;

  • Is marked by or full of clever humor or wit: smartly facetious or jocular;

  • is ingeniously and/or amusingly clever in conception or execution.

Your 'native wit' is closely synonymous with common sense.
To 'live by your wits' is to be an
To 'have your wits about you' is to be ready to think quickly and clearly in a situation. be capable of quick reasoning and react to things that you are not expecting.

How To Create Memorable Humorous Phrases

Here are some techniques that will help you create memorable humorous phrases and become a celebrity... >>>


Participation in governmental meetings is dangerous for life they can bore you to death... More

Sample Joke Structures

Because … because

An example:

"Why are you late?"

"I'm late because my girlfriend asked me to sit on her balcony in meditation for a while, and she asked me to meditate because her boyfriend likes making surprise visits."




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