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How To Prevent Innovation from Putting Roots Down in Your Organization


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10 Humorous Tips


❶ Don't communicate your company's vision to the employees.

❷ Nurture the 'I know it all' attitude among managers.

❸ For proactive innovations, establish a '30-minute rule': for the first 30 minutes after an idea is expressed only negative comments can be made.

❹ Don't establish cross-functional innovation teams.

❺ Prevent cross-pollination of ideas among departments.

❻ Don't allow people to challenge assumptions and the status quo.

❼ Don't give your people freedom to fail.

❽ Ask for a detailed weekly report from every Innovator.

❾ Don't let anyone to make business fun.

❿ Don't a create a corporate innovation system that make commercialization of inventions much easier.


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Disruptive innovation can make anyone a millionaire ‒ provided he was a billionaire before.

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