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Creative Dissatisfaction

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Culture of Innovation

Culture of Creative Dissatisfaction


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The Power of Creative Dissatisfaction

Innovations come from people who look at something and say, It can be done better of differently, not those who say, Its good enough.

The next big thing does not usually present itself as a big gap that needs to be filled. It is usually a result of creative dissatisfaction of a disruptive innopreneur.

Be Different and Make a Difference!

The creative dissatisfaction attitude will help you find a need no one else even thought existed and come out with a creative solution.

Dissatisfaction is a powerful motivator, brain-awakener and eye-opener. It is very beneficial to the creative process if you can turn irritation into inspiration.

Kore 10 Tips Kore 10 Tips for Nurturing Creative Dissatisfaction

  1. Dont be satisfied with the status quo invent the next big thing.

  2. Be self-confident, believe you can do something very innovative.

  3. Keep your eyes and mind open, be prepared to make an unexpected discovery any time.  >>>

  4. Treat every frustration as a challenge to your creative problem solving skills.

  5. Always look for opportunities to make things radically better.

  6. Every routine process begs you to improve it creatively do it!

  7. New high-value opportunities emerge every day discover them!

  8. Dont take any assumption for granted, ask Why? What if? questions.  >>>

  9. Change perceptions, look at things with the eyes of an innovator you admire.

  10. Force a creative dissatisfaction mindset on yourself until it becomes a habit.




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