Customers choose among multiple options based on differentiated value, explicit or implicit.

Differentiation Strategy Sustainable Competitive Advanatge Stand Out from the Competition Advantages of a Strong Brand Differentiation Strategy - Strategic Position + Strategic Action







Why Differentiate?

The concept of being unique or different is very important for successful marketing and competing in today's overcrowded market. You must stand out from the competition.

Surprise To Win

Your superior customer value or product means nothing without communicating its advantages in a compelling and convincing way.  >>>

Differentiation is also the key to building your sustainable competitive advantage and the step 1 in building your brand. Distinguishing your brand from all others is a ‘life-or-death’ question for your business – your brand power grows or declines together with the effectiveness of your differentiation strategies.



Differentiation Strategy

Your differentiation strategy calls for you to sell innovative products to customers with unique needs. This strategy should be a synergistic combination of activities aimed at producing and delivering products that customers perceive as being valuably different.

3 Strategies of Market Leaders

Customers choose among multiple options based on differentiated value, explicit or implicit. Work with perceptions and subconscious values of your prospects to make your valuable difference extremely appealing to them if you want to inspire customers to choose your product.




Entrepreneur Differentiated

Willingness and preparedness to take creative entrepreneurial action and noble risk differentiates entrepreneurs from others... More








Vadim Kotelnikov icon Coaching by Example


The slogan 'We don't teach, we inspire' differentiates Business e-Coach from traditional educational resources.  >>>

The slogan 'Play at home, shine globally' differentiates Innompics ‒ Olympic web games for innovators ‒ from traditional venue-tied Olympic games

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