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Smart-Hard Synergy

Work both smart and hard to be greatly successful


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Work Hard

Hard work helps you complete a task utilizing the time properly and getting the desired output. Visualize how completing your current task at hand will contribute to your success and make you feel great. Explain yourself how completion of this task will contribute to your long term goals.

Break the task down to small parts that suit your attention span. Find what you love to do and do that part first. Reward yourself after each task is completed. Donít lose faith when things go wrong. Stay focused on your objectives and donít give up.

Work Smart

Smart work helps you achieve the desired or better output with very less time and effort by using advanced techniques or by using some different ideas.

First and foremost, develop a mindset and attitudes of a creative achiever. See yourself as a great innovator and look upon every routine, difficulty or challenge as an opportunity to develop and apply your creative and entrepreneurial powers.

Hone your creative thinking skills continually to develop a habit of finding better, faster, cheaper, easier or different ways to do things. Look for opportunities to make things better. Challenge assumptions, ask ĎWhy? What if?í questions, experiment with new ideas and learn from feedback.

Apply the 80/20 Principle and other smart and fast techniques for idea evaluation to select the most promising ideas quickly and use your capabilities and resources in the most effective way.  >>>