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How To Make Creativity a Habit

Yin-Yang Strategies: Creative Thinking + Creative Action


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Creativity as a Habit: Creative Thinking + Creative Action, Vadim Kotelnikov


Change Your Perspectives

Creativity is the art of making something unusual from usual things. Increasing creativity depends on doing things that are outside your normal routine. Donít stick with the perspective that you already have. There is more than one way to look at almost anything. Step out your shoes. Free your mind from daily concerns and let it wander.

A famous example of using an imaginative outside-the box perspective is that of Einstein visualizing himself riding a beam of light. That helped him create his theory of relativity.

Practice Creativity Every Day To Make It a Habit

Creativity often goes by the wayside unless it is actively nourished and practiced. Use innovative thinking tools until you start using them subconsciouslyPractice various creativity techniques until they become a normal part of your thinking if you wish to take creative approaches to lifeís challenges habitually. Usually, it takes 16 to 21 times of repeating a task to make it a habit and over a month to solidify it and make it something you will do without having to think about it.

Creativity quotes: Every person is a creative creature. If your creativity is a Sleeping Beauty, kiss her! Vadim Kotelnikov


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3 Levels of Your Creativity

Harness Your Unique Creative Talents

Creativity can be learned. Learning creativity includes both creative thinking and creative action. Like every person in the World, you have unique gifts that set your apart from all other people. No one has the same combination of talents, capabilities and strengths as you do.

Unlock and develop your creativity in order to live a happy and fulfilling life. Life is full of opportunities that could be turned to your advantage. It's the people who are habitually creative who change the status quo and achieve amazing results.



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