Super-Smart vs. Smart

(The Best vs. Others)

5 Habits and 5 Thinking Skills of a Super-Smart

Yin and Yang of Super-Smartness

Awaken Your Inner Genius

Achievement Mindset



Creative Dissatisfaction

Holistic Intelligence

Holistic Creativity

Systems Thinking

(Knowledge, Wisdom, Enlightenment)

(The Wheel of Gaining Knowledge)

Finding the Difference that Makes the Difference

Learning SWOT Questions

Insight-powered Creativity

Invent on Autopilot (Inventive Thinking)

Disruptive Thinker

(Thinking Outside the Box)

Subconscious Ideation on Autopilot

Divine Creativity


Be a Magnet for Opportunities

Anticipation Skills: PTASAS Method

Passionate Innovator


(Entrepreneurial Creativity)

Synergy Master

Win Wisely

(Prepare to Win)

Chess Intelligence


InnoBall Intelligence (IbI)

(Self-Kaikaku & Self-Kaizen)