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KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools

for anticipating  change problems competitor actions surprises


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Anticipation is a most important strategic thinking skill of a successful venturepreneur and an entrepreneurial innovation leader.

You must be able to anticipate diverse challenges that may emerge on your way to desired strategic results and to get better prepared to win.

Prepare to win wisely Vadim Kotelnikov advice Innoball simulation game



When asked how he invented the vaccine for polio, Jonas Salk replied,
"I imagined myself as a virus or cancer cell and tried to sense what it would be like.


Your competitors can use any KoRe 10 tool

(1) the same way you can when you develop your business strategies or invent new products

(2) as a weapon against you

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Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools produce the best effect
when used together with strategic simulation games
"Innovation Football" and "Innovation Chess"


Innovation Football, Innoball, game in progress, anticipation skiills, how to evaluate strength of an innovation team members, leader, expert evaluation, business simulation games


  • Flying in
    disruptive trends; new competitors; new customer needs

  • Flying away
    team member;  investor; boom

  • Flying above
    stir; creative marketing by a competitor; competitor's intelligence activities aimed at your firm


  • A killing attack by a competitor
    sharp cutting on prices; introducing new high-value products

  • A destructive move by a major stakeholder
    investor, top manager, team member; customer; supplier

  • Sharp negative changes in the business environment
    economic or political crisis; new restrictive laws; natural disasters



Below are some examples of (1) metaphoric and (2) practical solutions


Magic Tool

Metaphoric Solution

Practical Solution


Elevate your product / your company above the competition

  Surprise To Win 

  Create greater value Innovations; Develop a new-to-the-world product  

  Invent more effective differentiation and creative marketing strategies

Take a helicopter view

  Work on your business  

  Build synergies and balance your business system

  Invent new growth strategies 

Set a stretch goal

  Create and articulate an inspiring vision and strategic intent 

  Launch a crusade

Travel to a new place

Discover new opportunities 

  Create a new market niche 

  Develop a Blue-Ocean strategy



Find new ways of doing things

  Challenge assumptions; ask 'Why? What if?' questions

Discover customer needs; obtain market insight or competitor intelligence

  Make trend spotting practices a habit

  Create early warning teams

Find new partners

  Define what is required to be superb, but is outside your capabilities

  Look for the desired core competencies and great synergy potential

Find the problem

  Use the 5-Why process

Find an innovation solution to a problem

  Brainstorm; take different perceptual positions; discover opportunities

Make rules more visible

  Promote corporate values / guiding principles / idea evaluation guidelines



Communicate with employees

  Create a more effective suggestion system  >>>

  Communicate the knowledge and information that people need

  Facilitate cross-pollination of ideas

Communicate with customers

  Listen to customers; obtain customer feedback

  Partner with customers for development of new solutions

Communicate with external experts

  Exchange knowledge and ideas with a diverse group of experts and innovators

  Inspire criticism to discover improvement opportunities


Fishing Rod

Experiment with different baits to find out what works best

Hire away a key player of a competitor;

"Catch" investors / partners

Beta-test a new product

Experiment with various marketing approaches and techniques

Ask learning SWOT questions

To be completed soon