Top 10 Tips KoRe 10 Laws


Love your life, and your life will love you back.  >>>

Build your good name and your good name will build you.  >>>

Grow your reputation and your reputation will grow you. Build your personal brand, and your personal brand will build you.  >>>

See yourself as a visionary leader, and your vision will lead you >>>

Strengthen your attitude, and your attitude will strengthen you.  >>>



Stretch your goals, and your goals will stretch you >>>

Nurture your creativity, and your creativity will nurture you. New day will bring a new songs, and the new song will bring a new day.  >>>

Search for opportunities, and opportunities will search for you.  >>>

Grow your happiness and your happiness will grow you.  >>>

Keep smiling at your fate, and your fate will smile back at you >>>





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