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Beginner's Mind

Keep discovering wonders around you


Loving Creator




Beginner's Mind open your mind to new possibilities Vadim Kotelnikov  

A Beginnerís Mind inspires curiosity, optimism, exploration and learning. It is a key principle of mindfulness. It refreshes your feelings and allows you to enjoy what you have again and again.




Get Inspired

Unlearn to forget that something was perceived as impossible and to open your mind to a world of unlimited possibilities.





Amazing Thinker

Silence all your knowledge, adopt a beginnerís mind, get curious, and look outside and inside yourself with new eyes to discover new outside-the-box possibilities for creating a breakthrough.

  Beginner's Mind quotes learn to unlearn Vadim Kotelnikov



Make New Discoveries

Your knowledge from previous experience dominates your perceptions. Make it a habit to see people and things around you with fresh eyes everyday.








Adopt a Beginnerís Mind to see the world around you with fresh eyes and inspire curiosity, ĎWhy? What If?í questions, outside-the-box thinking and new discoveries.

Ask childish questions to challenge your knowledge-based assumptions, refresh your perceptions, and discover something brand new.




Fill Your Life with Gratitude

Loving heart makes life meaningful.

Grateful heart makes life wonderful.




Amazing Thinker

Make it a habit to arise in the morning with a beginnerís mind Ė think of what a special privilege is to be alive, to breath, to see all these wonderful things around you.

  Wonderful Life quotes Loving heart makes life meaningful. Grateful heart makes life wonderful. Vadim Kotelnikov