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The Universe doesn't guide us, it sends us inspirations that helps us forge our own path. Listening to the Universe is the main catalyst of genius inventions and discoveries.

Divine messages are everywhere, but a prepared mind only can notice them.




Awaken Your Inner Genius

Do you know how to awaken your inner genius by listening to the Universe?

There is no standard way, but I mastered one that works for me wonderfully.

It may work for you as well. Happy inspiration and enlightenment!

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The Universe sends us millions of signals, inspirations and opportunities in various forms every second.



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A visionary and entrepreneurial person spots relevant opportunities, aligns the most promising ones strategically and pursues them.

A composer spots relevant seeds of inspirations and transforms them into a wonderful music.




If clouds darkened the light path, rise above the clouds.

Ask the Universe for inspiration, silence your mind and listen to the response.

Keep your mind open to accidental discoveries because the response is likely to come after a while.




Open your awareness as wide as possible.

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Quiet Your Mind

Learn to contact the Spirit of the Universe. Enter a state of gratitude for your life, quiet your mind, and allow enlightenment to enter your mind.

Meditate to achieve deeper attunement with Divine Consciousness. Just listen receptively to whatever comes to you.



Vadim Kotelnikov

Divine messages are everywhere, but a prepared mind only can notice them.

Vadim Kotelnikov



Be Alert for Messages from the Universe

Stay alert to the messages from the Universe if you want to unlock your in-born gifts, capabilities and connection to the Divine. Trust your intuition and your first thought. If you stay alert for messages from the Universe, it will eventually become a habit and your second nature.



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Listening To the Universe
Is a Two-Way Road

The Universe has limitless gifts for you. It is listening to you and is ready to give you what you want.

Manifest your dearest dreams and deepest wishes authentically, and the Universe will guide you to them.