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Vadim Kotelnikov

Holistic Thinking, Creativity and Innovation

KoRe 3 Models and 1 Master Tool


Trademark Concept

Invented on 29 May 2020




3Bs Model    Tree Model    Screw Model


KoRe 3 Models are 3Bs (Brainstilling - Brainstorming - Brainstilling), The Tree Model, and the Screw Model.

INNOBALL is a 3D holistic thinking tool, a simulation game that helps implement radical projects holistically.


Spiral of Evolution >> Innoball virtuous spiral
3 Universal Laws << abide
3 KoRe Models << apply
All-inclusive love is a master key to success 360.
If you love everything, you take care of everything in the best possible way. You think about everything subconsciously, which means 100,000,000+ times faster. Love is the best motivator that turns your light-speed subconscious mind on. Light-speed thinking of the whole thing and of every possible scenario will turn you to a wonderful holistic thinker.