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InnoBall Intelligence (IbI) is entrepreneurial super-smartness that can help you turn any challenge to your advantage and achieve outstanding success.

Experiential IbI turns this super-capability into a habit.




Best Ocuppational Test - eye-opening InnoBall Mindset Assessment Business Leadership style  

InnoBall (Innovation Brainball) is an educative entrepreneurial simulation game. InnoBall helps also assess most-important Yin-Yang Intelligence (YYI), mindset and entrepreneurial smartness of individuals and teams.




Widening Horizons and Assessing Mindset

Educative InnoBall Test uses some InnoBall accelerated-learning techniques. An eye-opening system of educative questions and choices of answers widens horizons and inspires innovative business thinking.

InnoBall helps to assess mindset, and, ultimately, to choose the occupation that is right for the testee.

Prioritizing Options

There are no wrong answers in the test. Each answer makes sense for a relevant style of business leadership. A testee is asked to assign priorities to the answers provided instead of choosing just one. The combination of priorities assigned by a testee helps assess s/his business mindset which, in turn, helps choose an occupation that best reveals the person's talents.

Sample InnoBall Test: Business-Leadership Style

Sample InnoBall-style Question, Choices of Answers, and Prioritization of the Answers by a Testee

Your lead innovator tells you that your main competitor made an attempt to hire him away and offered him a much higher salary. What will you do?

Raise the salary of your lead innovator accordingly.

Offer your lead innovator a higher equity stake in the company.

Assign your lead innovator a new highly challenging and exciting task.

Ensure the loyalty of your lead innovator and authorize him to negotiate with the competitor in order to find out what they are up to and how they are planning to achieve their goal.

Tests are just for assessments, right? Not any longer!!!
Below are sample results of the EDUCATIVE INNOBALL TEST (EduTest)- a system of questions and eye-opening answers that enhances business smartness and helps both assess mindset and choose right occupation.
At this time, I beta-test the first BUSINESS LEADER Edu-Test in 6 countries jointly with local partners (universities, business schools, business incubators).

The slide below illustrates EduTest results of a person who was just certified as Business-Leadership coach.
ENTREPRENEUR, INNOVATOR and other Edu-Tests will follow.
All Edu-Tests will be digitized and made available online for rapid learning and self-assessment later this year.
I'm also developing customised Edu-Tests for two partner organizations.
Yes, I'm open for partnerships, but I have to focus my time investments on my mainstream global venture - Innompic Planet of Loving Creators. Yet, if you want to explore Educational InnoBall Tests before they are released to the mass market, please DM me - I'll see what best I could do for you.
“The simplest strategy for measuring mindsets is to articulate the core assumptions of a mindset and measure the degree of agreement or disagreement with the mindset.”


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Inspire imagination and new desires through creative interactions.

Elevate their dreams and show an easy pathway to that desired future.

Connect with your prospects – empathize, show a genuine interest in them, keep smiling.



Markeing as a Dance be passionate about customers  


Be a helper, not a seller. People love to buy what they are attracted to, but they don’t like to be pushed to buy. So, pull stronger, push gently. Let your prospect be a lead partner during this phase of the dance and adapt the spectrum of your value proposition according to their desires.



Vadim Kotelnikov teachings

Don't treat customer satisfaction as a have-to-do work, treat it as a passionate, creative and exciting journey.

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  Innoball Innovation Brainball Innovation Football simulation game