There is no need to state that INNOBALL simulation game is the
World's best team assessment tool for radical projects
because it is THE ONLY effective tool
for assessment of a team of a radical innovation / change initiative





Enhance & Assess

INNOBALL helps decision makers to both enhance and assess the strength of the team of a radical innovation / change project within just few hours.

Team members learn how to think strategically, solve problems creatively, turn problems to opportunities,
anticipate opponents' moves, improvise, think as a team, build on each other's and synergize ideas.

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Assessing Individual Team Members

Innoball makes it also possible to assess entrepreneurial creativity and anticipation skills of each team member.

The ability of a team leader to organize intellectual teamwork and select the best idea quickly can also be assessed.





Unique Multi-Benefit Team Assessment Tools

INNOBALL simulation game is a unique tool that helps to boost both individual and team creativity, prepare a radical project for greater execution, and to assess the strength of a project team, team leader, and each team member quickly and effectively.





Radical Projects

Standard HR tools can be used to assess a team of a lifestyle project.

Radical projects require different outside-the-box entrepreneurial skills however and thus need specific team-assessment tools.
INNOBALL leads the choice of such tools.


INNOBALL for radical project exeution - entrepreneurial simulation games helps achieve greater results



of INNOBALL for Team Assessment




Disruptive startups and business incubators use Innoball to both strengthen a project and pitch venture capital (VC) investors. For VC investors, the strength of a startup team is a #1 investment criteria. Usually, it takes VC investors several months to assess the strength of a startup team. With Innoball, prospective VC investors can assess the strength of a startup team within few hours.

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Mature Firms

Large companies use INNOBALL to build a stronger innovation portfolio and implement radical change projects more successfully .

The main goal of top management of some large companies is to use an INNOBALL training to enhance and assess entrepreneurial creativity of their employees .

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A simplified version of a team assessment during an INNOBALL simulation game is used to identify award winners in such categories as 'Best Innovation Team', 'Entrepreneurial Strategies', 'Creative Marketing', and 'Best Teamwork'.

Best Innovation Team award winner Russia World 1st Innompmic Games innovation team assessment Ksenia Kotelnikova



Jury Members

In large firms, strategic decision makers, experienced leaders of radical projects, business/innovation portfolio managers, and a chief innovation officer may serve as jury members.

In case of a startup, business development experts and prospective VC investors can do team assessment.

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