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Home-based business: Ideas and Keys To Success


By Vadim Kotelnikov icon Vadim Kotelnikov

Solo Entrepreneur since 2004, customers in 130+ countries, licensed trainers in 50+ countries


A Drop that Became Bigger than the Sea


For over 10 years I worked as a United Nations consultant in the Asia-Pacific region.
I used to contribute my drop to the sea of the developmental value created by UN ESCAP.

Vadim Kotelnikov

In 2004, I became a solo interpreneur. I invented and started building a free business e-coach. Every day, e-Coach helps over 30,000 people to grow. More people visit my website than that of UN-ESCAP. I used to contribute a small drop to a sea. Today, my drop is bigger than that sea. That's the power of missionary and passionate entrepreneurship.





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 6+6 Engines of an Entrepreneur



Who Is Solo Entrepreneur?

Today, a lot of startups are solopreneuring ventures with one full-time employee, the owner.

Solo entrepreneur is a professional who chooses to go into business by him- or herself (“go solo”) and grow a business without employees. The Solo Entrepreneur may also be called a solopreneur, self employed, sole proprietor, free agent, freelancer, or home based business owner (although not all Solo Entrepreneurs are home-based.) Other terms used by government agencies that count and classify solo entrepreneurs include: nonemployer business, no-employee business, and SOHO (small office - home office).

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Personal Branding

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Solo Interpreneur

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Learn To Outsource

it's very hard to play all the positions on an entrepreneurial team. Knowing how to outsource and develop a virtual team is a critical skill if you're going to build anything that scales beyond what you can do yourself. No matter how great your idea, you will be inherently limited if you do everything yourself. From the start, find other people to do things you don't absolutely have to do. Find a virtual assistant, outsource telesales to qualify leads, get your CPA's office to do your bookkeeping. You focus on the things that only you can do -- get new sales.

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