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What differentiates entrepreneurs from others


Vadim Kotelnikov

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Willingness and preparedness to take creative entrepreneurial action and noble risk differentiates entrepreneurs from others.





Dreamers dream.


Entrepreneurial dreamers dream big and take steps towards their dreams every day.





Coaching by Example

Turning the Earth to the


started with big entrepreneurial dream




Coaching by Example

This is not a comprehensive academic model of differentiation of entrepreneurs from other people.

This is just how I feel about being a World-changing disruptive innopreneur and  a set of features that set entrepreneurs apart from non-entrepreneurs.

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Ideators ideate.


Entrepreneurial ideators ideate, turn ideas to value innovation concepts, play Innoball entrepreneurial simulation games with them to prepare to win, create prototypes and test market them to learn from feedback and improve.




Creators create.


Entrepreneurial creators create value, marketing strategies, delivery channels, and customers.





Strategists strategise.


Entrepreneurial strategists create strategies, play Innoball entrepreneurial simulation games with them, start moving, learn forward and spot emerging opportunities as they go, and adapt their strategies dynamically.




Leaders lead.


Entrepreneurial leaders lead, demonstrate entrepreneurial creativity, search continuously for new opportunities and pursue them with speed.




Workers work.


Entrepreneurial workers (intrapreneurs) search for opportunities to contribute more and innovatively to strategic achievement of the corporation and implement these in-company projects in entrepreneurial fashion.       




Actors act.


Entrepreneurial actors act, invent and experiment with new forms of performing arts and acting, diversify into independent producing, create artistic ventures.