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Thinking Outside the Box

New Use of Well-known Tools

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Look at the same object from a new angle and you'll see something new.

The same is true for  traditional thinking tools they can be used in a outside-the-box way effectively. Below are example.





Metaphoric Actions of Ordinary Tools




10 KITT KoRe 10 metaphoric innovative thinking outsside the box example  


Metaphoric KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools inspire creativity and boost ideation during InnoBall (Innovation Brainball) entrepreneurial simulation games and Innompic Games






Learning SWOT Questions




Learning SWOT Questions, emfographics, emotional infographiics  

Learning SWOT Questions

This is an outside-the-box use of the classic SWOT Analysis.

Ask learning SWOT questions after a bold entrepreneurial action to come up with next-level strategies and actions.









You came to this world with your unique mission − never let vanity cacophony mute your life symphony!

Be brave and proactive − life is too short to waste in on fears and procrastination.


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Ask Learning SWOT Questions