The Virtuous Circle of Success

The only way to achieve great success in life and business

Day by day, your fate gives you nothing but an opportunity − an opportunity to grow wiser, stronger and kinder. Realize this, and you will transform your life. Vadim Kotelnikov quote


Virtuous Circle of Growth Virtuous Circle of Growth

Feedback Is Your Elevator To Success

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions,” says Ken Blanchard. If you can learn from feedback, you can turn any experience into success. Feedback helps you figure out the key factors you need to get right and decide what to do next if you are to succeed.

The Virtuous Circle of Growth

A virtuous circle is a complex of events that produces favorable results and reinforces itself through a feedback loop. It is a self-propagating advantageous situation in which a successful solution leads to more of a desired result or another success which generates still more desired results in a chain.

Case in Point:  Google

Many search engine companies tried to dominate the market place, yet Google emerged as the Internet’s strong number one search engine within quite a short time frame. What is the reason for Google’s remarkable success? Market feedback is the answer. Google launched a less than perfect service into the market place to start getting market feedback. The feedback sparked off the virtuous circle of continuous improvement... >>>

How You Can Make Good Use of Feedback

  • Solicit feedback and take notice of in all its forms; ask yourself what you can learn from it and how you can use it to avoid failures, repeat successes, or pursue emerging opportunities.

COCA Principle of Achievement

  • If what you are doing isn't working, do something different; be inventive.

Entrepreneurial Creativity: 4 Keys

  • If what you are doing is working, find out why, and repeat the key ingredients and sequences to get more of it. Pay attention to detail – ask yourself how do you do that? What methods to do you apply consciously and unconsciously?

  • Model yourself and others. Look at people you admire; learn what they do and how they act differently from you. Spend just a few minutes every day applying this knowledge… and you will be amazed at how this, in conjunction with your vision and stretch goals, will move you forward.