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Cimcoin is a breakthrough technology for both non-financial and financial applications that helps create a far better world

CimJoy is a new-generation smart and joyful e-world that helps its inhabitants pursue their passions and succeed online  >>>

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The team of Cimcoin and CimJoy founders. Inclusion of the team members 4,5 and 6 was unanimously approved by the Board.

Coaching by Example
Our top management team is in line with what we preach

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created by the team of founders in French Pyrenees, 2015

Vadim Kotelnikov icon Vadim Kotelnikov, inventor of Business e-Coach and Fun4Biz

Green Aura

CimJoy - human logo, founders, Vadim Kotelnikov, Sergei Federov, Alexey Fedorov

Green Aura meaning, Vadim Kotelnikov, business team, reiki, colors

Sergey Fedorov, founder and CEO of AntiCisco

Violet Aura

Alexey Fedorov, co-owner and Chairman of RT Bank

White Aura

Aura, violet aura color meaning, Gergey Federov, CimJoy co-founder, management team

White aura meanding, Alexey Fedorov, auras color, business qualities, CimJoy, Russia, internet venture



Life Colors: What the Colors in Your Aura Reveal  ●   Auras: How to See, Feel & Know (Full Color)


Two Cimcoin founders

participated in creation of

 the first Cimcoin commercial