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China vs. USA: Why Chinese Economy Grows Faster

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STTE, China Vadim Wei Di Business e-Coach gift rapid economic growth


"Translated in Chinese, Business e-Coach helped China to transform itself to an entrepreneurial rapid-growth economy."

~ Ye Shangjie, STTE

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Yes, translation of my Business e-Coach icon Business e-Coach to Chinese back in 2002 facilitated rapid transition of China to innovation-driven entrepreneurial economy. Nevertheless, the main competitive advantage of China in the modern increasingly complex economy lies in the Chinese language!

China vs. USA Why China economy grows faster Chinese language advantage Wei Di



Why the Chinese language grew as a great competitive advantage in today's increasingly complex economy?

It's all but natural, yet a widely overlooked reason.

Just compare these writings.

English Language  英語





IT revolution increased interdependencies in business systems multifold and caused a shift from a linear to systemic innovation.

The shift to holistic approach to innovation created a rapidly growing demand for holistic thinking and holistic creativity.

  China vs. USA Why China economy grows faster holistic thinking


Holistic Intelligence ability to think holistically systemic action Vadim Kotelnikov  

In general, Chinese people are intrinsically better at holistic thinking than Americans.


Language is the difference that makes the difference because the language we think in influences the way we think.




English language is linear. The standard order of words in a sentence is strict: subject + verb + object. The linear structure of each sentence makes Americans stronger at linear thinking.

The Chinese language is different. It is image-based. Each Chinese character is visual and holistic, like a painting. The holistic nature of characters makes Chinese people stronger in holistic thinking.




Just look at my Chinese name 'Wei Di' (Great Emperor) that the government of Shanghai gave me.

You can easily see that Chinese characters communicate the meaning holistically while English words are just a sequence of letters. →


My Chinese name 'Wei Di'
is a derivative from 'Vadim'.
It means 'Great Emperor'

Wei Di Great Emperor Vadim Kotelnikov's Chinese name

    Great   Emperor



Americans wonder how I managed to establish World Innompic Games and the Planet of Loving Creators on a bootstrapping budget.




As to Chinese people, for them this is not a secret at all. It is obvious to them that I used a holistic approach and harmonized the Five Basic Elements of the universe in the business design of Innompic Games.

  5 Basic Elements of Innompic Games China competitive advantage


Vadim Kotelnikov teachings

Innovation is actually a very simple phenomenon. Innovation is about Love: do what you love to do and love your customers.

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