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6W Questions


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Asking Yourself Coaching Questions

Achievement self-coaching can help you create and achieve a plan to live on purpose, have more energy, increase your confidence, make better decisions, quit procrastinating and get into action.

COCA Principle of Achievement

One of the best ways to clarify your stretch goals and identify the actions that you're ready and willing to take to achieve these goals is by asking yourself powerful and empowering coaching questions. They will help you make sure that your goals and plans are current and up to date. It is very important to reassess you past decisions periodically. Build the habit of asking yourself these coaching questions once in a while:

  • What do I want to achieve? What change do I want to bring about?

  • How does my stretch goal fit into my overall life vision? Does it inspire me?

  • Are my goals still valid? Given the changes that happened lately, is what I considered to be important yesterday still important today? Have any new life-changing opportunities emerged?

  • Do I focus my efforts in accordance with the 80/20 Principle to achieve more with less? What is the 20% of input that is leading to 80% of output?

  • What is the one most important action that I need to take today?

  • What do I feel inspired and ready to do now?

Once you've identified the actions needed, get started now.



Self-Coaching: Using the GROW Model on Yourself

To improve your performance and develop a roadmap to your personal success, you can also use the GROW (Goal Reality Options Wrap-up) model on yourself:

  • Goal: identify specific goals you wish to achieve;

  • Reality: assess the current situation;

  • Options: list your options and make choices; and, finally,

  • Wrap-up: make steps towards your goal specific and define timing.


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