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Kore 10 Tips KoRe 10 Characteristics of a Winning Culture

Inspiring culture
There is an inspiring vision and a strong sense of mission and purpose. People know what they want to achieve and have a burning desire to achieve it in an empowering, motivating, and trust-based an environment.  >>>

Innovation-friendly culture
New ways of thinking and experimentation with new ideas are encouraged. Innovative behavior is facilitated and rewarded.

Creative dissatisfaction culture
People are willing to get out of their comfort zones, question the status quo, and push the organizations hard.  >>>

Questioning culture
Questions are critical to innovation. “Why? What if?” and open-ended searching questions make people think about new ways of doing things.

Continuous improvement culture
People hold themselves accountable, always search for improvement opportunities, and constantly raise the bar.

Customer-focused culture
People strive to create collectively higher value to both external and internal customers >>>

Team culture
When team culture reigns, teams are dependable and consistent. People who are treated as team members, not employees, demonstrate creativity, innovate and see a job through to conclusion.  >>>

Growth-oriented culture
The desired future and possibilities are emphasized. Risk takers are encouraged. Small wins are celebrated.

Achievement-focused culture
Oriented toward winning. There is a strong focus on desired results. Strong ambition focused on stretch goals stimulates highly competitive teams to strive for great achievements. Winners are rewarded.  >>>

Adaptive culture
The organization is agile and is able to adapt quickly to changes in the external environment and/or internal capabilities.



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