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Success Story: Town & Country Grill

When Vance Patterson, CEO of Patterson Fan Co., saw a couple of employees cooking hamburgers on a grill made of spare parts from the company's industrial fan products, he was intrigued. He talked the employees and they built him a similar grill for his birthday, with same flared parts that allowed heat to circulate more evenly. Some months later, Patterson patented the grill in the names of the two inventors and himself, and founded a new company to manufacture and sell the Town & Country Grill.

Lessons from Michael Dell

"Our success is due, in part, to not just an ability but a willingness to look at things differently," writes Michael Dell, the Founder of Dell Inc. "I believe opportunity is part instinct and part immersion – in an industry, a subject, or an area of expertise. Dell is proof that people can learn to reorganize and take advantage of opportunities that others are convinced don't exist. You don't have to be a genius, or a visionary, or even a college graduate to think unconventionally. You just need a framework and a dream

Entrepreneurial Creativity: 4 Keys

Questions To Ask Constantly

If you want to discover opportunities before others do or even create opportunities before they emerge, ask yourself these five questions constantly.

  1. What are the trends that will change our market or industry?

  2. What will the daily life/business of our customers look like in 3 years from now?

  3. What are the unsolved problems of our prospective customers?

4 Levels of Problem Solving

  1. What are the hidden needs and wants of people in our target market?

  2. What new product / service would make our target customers scream ‘WOW!’?

Surprise To Win

Sell Benefits



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