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Imagine a courier service that focuses not on delivering goods,
but on talking about how actively their people move around.

That's what many development organizations do ‒ on their websites they focus on providing information about the events they've organized instead of
creating greater value for website visitors.

As a result, few people visit their websites.

People don't want to know how you "move around" ‒
they want you to help them satisfy their needs

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Development-focused Organizations and Corporations



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In today's connected World, people evaluate effectiveness of an organization based on the value it creates online

because it is more cost effective and

reaches far more people much faster in the 24/7 way

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I'll help you
achieve much more, shine much brighter
both internally and externally



An example focused on  the Asia-Pacific Region

The Power of Highly Valuable Content

We serve a common noble mission ‒
we help people, societies and economies grow

They have
member countries, media attention,
big buildings, donors, budgets and staff.

I do everything just by myself.



Comparative Value created online by:

UN APCICT ‒ UN-ESCAP Asian and Pacific Training Centre for Information and Communication Technology for Development

UN-ESCAP ‒ United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

APEC ‒ Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

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The greater value you create for others
the more people visit your website


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As you can see, my website attracts much more visitors than
the websites of developmental intergovernmental Asia-Pacific organizations that are to serve the region inhabited by
 more than 4.2 billion people (61% of the world’s population).

Search engine optimization (SEO) has nothing to do with it
‒ I don't even do any SEO.

It's about the developmental value
we create online
for targeted beneficiaries





Increase your online value dramatically

You can achieve million times more!


 I'd be happy to help you and your target audience

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