Vadim Kotelnikov

Conducted 100+ Trainings
in Europe, Asia and the Pacific

Customers in 130+ countries

Licensed trainers in 50+ countries


 All trainers are gold sand.
Innovative trainers are gold.
Innovative trainers
who help their trainees become more innovative are diamonds.


Great Faith.

Great Doubt.

Great Effort.
The three qualities necessary for training.

Zen Proverb

Kindly note

I can devote to trainings 4 weeks/year only,
and I prefer to do trainings in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

So, if you want to order a training,
kindly consider one of our
Licensed Trainers



Value Mantra

Discover Innovate Grow




I help people and companies
achieve much more 
+  shine much brighter
both internally and externally


Vadim Kotelnikov training quotes: Training is an attempt to help people stop 'running in the wheel" and start steeplechasing to a new goal.


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Trademark Trainings

Entrepreneurial Games  for Disruptive Innovators

Innovation Football      Innovation Chess


INNOBALL - Innovation Football simuation game, team training, strategy development, Vadim Kotelnikov

Innovation Football

The fastest way to strengthen dramatically
your innovation team and business strategies



Master of Business Synergies (MBS)

Simulation Games Innoball Learning Kossages Innovation Football Innovation Is Love Learning Benefits of Innovation Football, Innoball, strategic simulation game, team training, innovation project management, how to create breakthrough innovations, Vadim Kotelnikov





Most Demanded Trainings




Best Entrepreneurship Training, Innoball, Innovation Football, Simulation Game, Vadim Kotelnikov




Practical Exercises

Participants of the training

Planning and Execution"

present their innovative solutions

Business Training, Strategic Management, Planning, Excution, Malaysia, Asia, Vadim Kotelnikov




Unique feature of my trainings!


Vadim Kotelnikov quotes

MAD Song

Make A Difference!


Inspiring and energizing song
often performed 
together with trainees


BE MAD - Be Entrepreneurial! Make A Difference! 



Smart Business Courses by Vadim Kotelnikov, self-education, e-courses download


Your Company


Creative Achiever

Happy Victor

Personal Success 360

Your People Skills

Great Problem Solver

Smart Leader

12 Leadership Roles

Entrepreneurial Leadership

New Management Model


Smart Executive

Smart Business Architect

6Ws of Corporate Growth

Winning Customers

The Tao of Business Success

25 Lessons from Jack Welch

Strategic Management

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Synergistic Organization

Inspiring Corporate Culture

Inspired Team

Continuous Improvement Firm (CIF)

Synergizing Business Processes

Harnessing Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

3 Strategies of Market Leaders

Smart Innovation

Systemic Innovation

Entrepreneurial Creativity

New Business Models

Innovation Strategies

New Product Fast!

The Jazz of Innovation

Managing Radical Innovation

Synergizing Value Chain

Business BLISS

Venture Financing





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