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HappyVictor.com HAPPY VICTOR mini-course by Vadim Kotelnikov - How To Find Happiness, Be a Winner, Achieve Great Success (PowerPoint presentation download)



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Four Chapters

1. Choose To Be Happy

2. Create Greatest Value for Others

3. Develop Habits of a Great Achiever

4. Master Know-how of Winning



Master of Happiness

The two main sources of happiness are enjoying what you have and creating new things. Happiness is about life-business synergy: love your life, love what you have, do what you love to do, and strive to make other people happier.

Learn To Be a Happier Person

You can choose to be happy and learn to be a happier person. The first step is to make a conscious choice to boost your happiness. Your active desire and commitment to be happy will help you consciously choose attitudes and behaviors that lead to happiness over unhappiness.

You can pursue happiness by:

  • thwarting negative emotions such as pessimism, anger, and resentment;

  • fostering positive emotions, such as gratitude, empathy, and serenity.

As a creative achiever, you feel happy if you know you are competent and capable. This confidence comes about via self esteem, self respect, and personal pride. Get these ingredients right, create an inspiring life vision, do what you love to do, and the rest will simply fall into place joyfully! Be grateful for every little thing you have achieved and you have in your life, and you will attain lasting happiness.

Creative Achiever

Follow your heart and intuition. Your passion will lead you to inspiration and completion. That's all you need. Follow you inner direction, not external suggestions. Don't split your energy. By trying to chase many rabbits at once, you'll catch neither. Focus, if you wish to hit the mark, and pursue your true passion, if you wish to be creative. Creativity is your key to a brighter future. Creativity gives you an incredible source of adventure, achievement, self-discovery, connection, spirituality, awakening, self-worth, identity, healing, happiness, energy, and power.

Do You Make Other People Happier?

Ask yourself:

Do you produce positive feelings in others?

Do people smile and laugh in your presence?

Are you a source of inspiration for others?

Do you create opportunities for others?

Do people seem energized by you?

Are you a source of comfort and security for people around you?

Tips for Winning in Life and Business

Approach impossible as possible. Losers think that impossible is possible, winners think that possible is impossible. All of them prove to be right the former by taking action, the latter by staying idle.

Keep stretching. Compete with yourself! To unlock your true potential, keep stretching yourself choose progressively more challenging tasks. Winning is about overcoming. Whatever stretch goal you are striving to achieve, whether you are working on a challenging project, or trying to solve a difficult problem, or fighting a powerful enemy, or correcting your own personal weaknesses, you are a winner if you manage to overcome all the obstacles and make your dream a reality....



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Happy Victor mini-course by Vadim Kotelnikov


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