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Vadim Kotelnikov quotes: Loving Marriage - All stars shine. Yet, when you come closer you find out that none of them fits for life. None... Except one. Irina Ktelnikova photogram

Love for customers differentiates from competitors, Vadim Kotelnikov quotes, Irina, pigeons

All stars shine, yet, when you come closer, you find out than
none of them fits for life... none... Except one!

Your love for customers attracts them
and differentiates you from the less loving competitors.


Vadim Kotelnikov quotes: Forge your own path, photogram Irina Kotelnikova

Vadim Kotelnikov quotes: Live love, not 'likes'. Photogram Irina Kotelnikov

Can't decide which path to take at a crossroads? Don't think − listen to your heart and take ... none of those. Forge your own path!

Live Love,
not 'likes'.