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Create Your Fate

Become a master of your fate

Happy vs. Unhappy People

10 Differences

Happy Victor

Learn to be happy and win every battle

Your Way To Success: 5 Strategies

Have a dream; Love what you do; Take action and learn; Be innovative; Never give up!

Great Achiever: 8 Winning Habits

How to achieve continually great results in life and business

Leadership in 10 Minutes

Lead yourself; Lead your team; Lead your peers, Lead your boss

Leader 360

Lead yourself; Lead your team; Lead your peers, Lead your boss

10 Commandments of Innovation

How to become a great innovator and a leader of an innovation team: 10 powerful rules

Innovation Is Love

Do what you love to do and love your customers

Inventive Thinking

How to invent new great things: attitudes and techniques

Creative Problem Solving

Solve problems creatively and turn problems into opportunities for you and your business

Systemic Innovation

7 Areas of Innovation: Business, Strategy, Organization, Products, Technology, Process, Marketing

Fast Evaluation of Innovative Ideas

Techniques for fast evaluation of innovative ideas and strategic decision making

Virtuoso Marketing

Creative, innovative, inspiring, seducing, entertaining, synergistic