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Your Life Symphony



Kore 6 Slides on Love

Create Your Fate

Become a master of your fate

Happy vs. Unhappy People

10 Differences

Happy Victor

Learn to be happy and win every battle

Your Way To Success: 5 Strategies

Have a dream; Love what you do; Take action and learn; Be innovative; Never give up!

Great Achiever: 8 Winning Habits

How to achieve continually great results in life and business

Leadership in 10 Minutes

Lead yourself; Lead your team; Lead your peers, Lead your boss

Leader 360

Lead yourself; Lead your team; Lead your peers, Lead your boss

10 Commandments of Innovation

How to become a great innovator and a leader of an innovation team: 10 powerful rules

Innovation Is Love

Do what you love to do and love your customers

Inventive Thinking

How to invent new great things: attitudes and techniques

Creative Problem Solving

Solve problems creatively and turn problems into opportunities for you and your business

Systemic Innovation

Synergize 7 Areas of Innovation

Fast Evaluation of Innovative Ideas

Techniques for fast evaluation of innovative ideas and strategic decision making

Virtuoso Marketing

Creative, innovative, inspiring, seducing, entertaining, synergistic


50 Inspirational Success Quotes To Live By