Vadim Kotelnikov

Anyone can change the World. The bigger your dream, the bigger difference you make

My Business e-Coach has already changed the World.

Yet, INNOMPIC GAMES will create much, much, much bigger global impact for centuries ahead.

Innompic Games are the civilizational breakthrough I was born to initiate.

Innompics - Innompic Internet Games for Innovators, new Olympics, Olympic e-Games

Innompic  Games (Innompics)
‒ Olympics for disruptive
entrepreneurs and innovators
is a civilizational breakthrough

Vadim Kotelnikov changing the world Innompic Games

Innompic Games Innompic Games is THE SOLUTION Innompics vs. Olympics Growth Booster Creation Show All-Inclusive Innovation Journey Innompic Contests Creating a Global Culture of Innovation Global Innovation Accelerator Vadim Kotelnikov's innovations: Innompic Games is THE SOLUTION, radical global innovation


A huge part of my life mission





Launch of the Millennium   



1st INNOMPIC GAMES will be held in November 2017


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