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Our breakthrough Internet projects
aimed at giving physically challenged people new exciting life
as solo intepreneurs and freelancers


eMuromets - internet business incubators for physically challenged people, youth, Internet entrepreneurship, Vadim Kotelnikov, Russia

e-Muromets  >>>

e-Muromets is a unique Internet business incubator for physically challenged people, primarily young people with disabilities. e-Muromets helps them become solo interpreneurs and/or freelancers.

e-Muromets is beta-tested in Russia with a group of physically challenged young people.

Name 'eMuromets'

The name of e-Muromets comes from the name of the Russian greatest epic hero Ilya Muromets. Ilya Muromets suffered serious illness in his youth. He was unable to walk until the age of 33.  When enemies invaded Russia and started massacring civilians, Ilya Muromets stood up and conquered the enemy. He also proved that a physically challenged person can become a true hero.

  3-minute video pitch



Being a business incubator, eMuremets itself is incubated in our wider empowering web-based ecosystem called CimJoy.

The team composed of the best eMuromets' interpreneurs will participate in the 1st Innompic Internet games we'll organize in the nearest future.


CimJoy - smart and joyfull parallel e-World, Internet-world, next-wave innovation, Vadim Kotelnikov

Innompics - Innompic Internet Games for Innovators, new Olympics, Olympic e-Games



CimJoy is an Internet-based world full of joy and opportunities for physically challenged people.

In CimJoy all people, including physically challenged ones, can learn, grow, socialize, build Internet-businesses, earn money, help others, and have fun. Actually, physically challenged people due to their disabilities will be more active citizens of CimJoy.

Innompic Internet Games

Innompics are to help entrepreneurial creativity champions grow and shine.

Physically challenged people will be able to compete on equal footing with all other participants, not at separate paralympics. In addition, one team will be  composed entirely of physically challenged innovators to demonstrate great abilities of these people with different abilities.




* This activity is complementary to ICT for Sustainable Development programs of some United Nations agencies.
The difference is that UN agencies focus on organizing meetings while I focus on
creating value online