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CimWave - Cimcoin-powered online shop of highly discounted innovative products


for producers of radically innovative products

CimWave is a Cimcoin-powered Internet-shop of highly discounted innovative products and shares of high-growth startups.

CimWave helps innovators create new market niches for breakthrough products faster and at low cost.

Addressing the Twin Problem:

CimWave also allows enthusiasts to buy more of innovative product for the same amount of money.

Shares of High-Potential Startups

Selected high-potential startups will be able to sell a limited number of their shares though CimWave at 50% discount.

Benefits for startups: powerful promotion of their business; demonstration of their attractiveness to individual investors through crowdfunding.

Interest Earning Online Wallet

Unlike other online wallets, we'll pay 2% extra interest rate (against U.S. $ interest rates) to those who prefer to keep some money in Cimcoins.

So, the Cimcoin holders will enjoy twin benefits:

  • Opportunities to buy disruptive products and shares at 50% discount

  • Enjoy higher interest rate on their deposits

We'll limit the turnover of CimWave to US$ 1 million until we have the business model fine-tuned.