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How To Collect Actionable Recommendations



How To Collect Actionable Recommendations and Feedback from Target Beneficiaries
Do you know why my free e-coaching website I create single-handedly attracts much more visitors than the websites of large United Nations agencies I used to work for?

Because, while striving to create greater value for target beneficiaries, I know that "feedback is the breakfast of champions" and do my best to obtain that feedback and keep improving based on it.

From my rich experience, I know that many development organizations either don't know how or don't want to know how to collect effective and actionable recommendations from their meeting participants. Many development organization just try to collect as many recommendations as possible in order to present this big list to prospective donors.

But donors are more experienced and demanding today. They know that such raw lists are worth next to nothing.

Something could be important for just one participants and not important for others. Yet, the recommendation of that single participant would have the same weight as a recommendation supported by all the participants because the final report just lists all recommendations without specifying the share of the participants behind each of them.


Picture: Bad Feedback vs. Good Feedback